Releasing an installer

iRIC GUI is now released with the two ways below:

  • Offline installer
  • Online update

At first, a user has to install iRIC using the offline installer.

When they have installed, and new iRIC GUI and solvers are released, they do not have to uninstall and install new one. They just can get the newest version with online update, using “iRIC Maintainance tool”.

In this page, the way to release an installer is described.


Install Qt Installer Framework

To build iRIC installer, you need Qt Installer Framework 2.0.

You can install it with the following procedure:

  1. Launch “Qt Maintainance Tool” in “Qt” folder in menu.
  2. Press “Next” button.
  3. Select “Add or remove component” radio button, and press “Next” button.
  4. Check on “Qt/Tools/Qt Installer Framework 2.0”, and press “Next” button.
  5. Wait until installing finishes.

Install Python 3

You need python 3, because the scripts to build installer are written in Python. Install Python 3. Python 3 is available in the following URL:

Install Subversion client

You need subversion client to work on the repository. We recommend that you install TortoiseSVN.

Checkout iRIC installer repository

iRIC installer repository is a subversion repository. Please checkout the following URL:

Releasing iRIC developer version

Update the files in dev_src folder

The files that you want to put into installer are stored in dev_src/packages folder. For example, files for iRIC GUI are stored in dev_src/packages/gui.prepost.

Put the new files into that folder.

Important Note: Please do not forget to update the definition.xml, to modify the version number and release date. It is important because iRIC Maintainance tool use this information to recognize whether new version is released or not.

Run script to build online update repository

Run the two scripts below, in this order:


After running these scripts, the Files inside dev folder are updated.

Releasing the files

Commit all the changes in dev_src and dev folders. Leave appropriate log message to that commit.


After releasing the development version repository, launch “iRIC Maintainance tool” for “iRIC (develop)”, select “Update components”, and press “Next” button. If the release was successful, you’ll have a dialog that you have a new version, and can update.

Update the iRIC GUI, and when it is finished, launch “iRIC (develop)”, and test if it works.