iRIC GUI source code abstract

This page describes very basic abstract of the iRIC GUI source code.

Programs and libraries used in iRIC GUI development

iRIC depends on many programs and libraries. Table 1 shows the list of programs and libraries used in iRIC development.

Table 1 Programs and libraries used in iRIC development
Program / library Description
Visual Studio 2013 C/C++ Compiler, Development IDE
Qt 5.5 Cross-platform GUI Toolkit
VTK 6.1 Visualization library (Countour, streamline etc)
Qwt 6.1 Chart drawing library, built on Qt
CGNS library 3.2 CGNS file I/O library
Proj 4.8 Cartographic projections library (Longitude-latitude <-> X-Y)
GDAL 1.11 Raster GIS Data I/O library
GEOS 3.4 Geometry handling library
Shapelib 1.3 ESRI Shape file I/O library
iRIClib Wrapper library for CGNS library
HDF5 1.8 HDF5 file I/O library. CGNS files are now HDF5, so we need this.
NetCDF 4.3 NetCDF file I/O library. iRIC can import NetCDF files now.
yaml-cpp 0.5 YAML file I/O library
FFMPEG Movie encoder
Zip / unzip Program for zipping and unzipping ZIP files
Qt Installer Framework 2.0 Tool to build iRIC offline installer and online update repository

The folders of iRIC GUI source code

The major folders that exist in iRIC GUI source code are described in Figure 1.


Figure 1 Major folders of iRIC GUI source code

Important classes and methods

The major classes that are inherited by many subclasses are described in Table 2.

Table 2 Major classes of iRIC GUI source code
Class Description
ProjectDataItem Abstract class that hold some data in the project
GraphicsWindowDataItem Subclass of ProjectDataItem. It corresponds to a node in the object browser.
GraphicsWindowDataModel Abstract class that is used as a main interface for data contained in a subwindow
GraphicsWindowRootDataItem Abstract class that is used as a root data container for a subwindow
VTKGraphicsView Abstract class to implement draw region with VTK rendering. Subclass of QVTKWidget.
GeoData Abstract class to implement geographic data.
GeoDataMapper Abstract class to implementing mapping geographic data onto grid nodes or cells.
GridCreatingCondition Abstract class to implement grid creating algorithm.
SolverDefinitionNode Abstract class to implement container for a node inside the solver definition file.
Grid Abstract class to store grid. Used in Pre-processor.
PostDataContainer Abstract class to implement a container for calculation result data in CGNS files.