iRIC GUI File interfaces

Project file

Project file is a zip file, with extention *.ipro. All data related to the project is saved into the project file.

When a project is open, the content of the project file is unzipped into a subfolder in the following folder. The unzip target folder can be changed from iRIC GUI preference dialog.

(User root folder)/.iRIC_workspace

Project folder structure

The main folders and files within iRIC project folder are described in Figure 2.


Figure 2 Main folders and files within iRIC project folder

The main project file structure

The main project file project.xml is a XML file.

An example of a main project file is shown in Figure 3.


Figure 3 Main project file structure example

The CGNS file structure

The CGNS file with the name Case1.cgn stores all information passed to the solver.

The solve overwrites the CGNS file, to add calculation result.

Figure 4 show the structure inside the CGNS file.


Figure 4 CGNS file structure