Working with github repository

This page describes how you should use github repository.

Registering bugs or enhancement proposal

Github has function to manage bugs and enhancement proposals, as “issues”.

Please visit the page below:

  • Press “New issue” button, to go to the page to register new issue.
  • Input the title and comment
  • If it is a bug, add “bug” label by clicking on “Labels”. If it is an enhancement proposal, add “enhancement” label as well.
  • Press “Submit new issue” to register the issue.

Fixing bugs

When you fix a bug in iRIC GUI, please follow the procedure below:

  • Make a new account to github.
  • Create your own github repository, by forking. You can do this by going to iRIC GUI prepost-gui repository, and clicking on “Fork” button.
  • Clone the original iRIC repository to your local environment. It will be registered as a remote “origin”.
  • Add the repository you’ve forked as a remote site, with name like “mine”.
  • “Checkout origin/master branch.
  • Create a new branch, with a name like issue-123. The number corresponds to the ID of the issue that you are going to fix.
  • Fix the code, build, and test.
  • When you think that you’ve finished, push the branch to your github repository, with command like below:
git push mine issue-123
  • Create a new pull request, with the following procedure:
    • Go to
    • Press “New pull request” button
    • Press “compare across forks” button.
    • Select base: master in the left combobox. This will be the default.
    • Select your repository in the combobox in the right side. The default is “i-RIC/prepost-gui”, so select “youraccount/prepost-gui”.
    • Select the branch you’ve created (issue-123 in this case), in the most right combobox.
    • You’ll have “Create pull request” button, so press it.
    • You’ll see “Open a pull request” page. Change the title to “Closes i-RIC/prepost-gui#123”, for example. If named in this way, When the pull request is accepted and merged, the corresponding issue is automatically closed.